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Imagine a digital accessibility solution that empowers typing, learning, and communication for individuals with physical, motor, or cognitive challenges. The user-friendly design fosters connections and inclusivity, enabling seamless participation for individuals of all abilities. Key-X caters to diverse needs, embracing individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and more, making inclusivity a core aspect of its design.

here is the magic

Co-created with Gleisson, a computer science graduate born with cerebral palsy, Key-X is a transformative tool refined through insights from special educators and various universities.

Inspired by Gleisson's vision to simplify his eight-year academic journey with a head pointer, and with academic research playing a pivotal role, Key-X has impacted over 10,000 children and communities, providing enhanced accessibility and empowerment beyond its original vision.

As the world's most awarded keyboard, Key-X catalyzes independence, enabling caregivers and parents to foster autonomy and unlock new opportunities.

why Key-X?

🌐 Addresses various disabilities (covering 85% of disabilities found in a typical setting)
👩‍🏫 Offers online or in-person training for seamless integration
🏡 Can be used at home for e-learning or daily tasks
⚙️ Features all the functions of a regular keyboard and mouse
🚀 No installation required – simple printer cable connectivity
💬 Available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages

our happy users

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