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Revolutionize your digital experience with Colibri, the gyroscopic mouse designed to provide wireless accessibility and autonomy for individuals who cannot use their hands, or for those simply seeking technological convenience. This innovative Bluetooth sensor captures head movements with precision, offering seamless hands-free control over the mouse cursor.

Colibri's cutting-edge technology allows for effortless clicks through simple gestures like blinking or smiling. Tailor its operation to match your unique movement characteristics with the optional customization app, ensuring a personalized and comfortable user experience.

vibrant colors

Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, Colibri is not just functional but also stylish. Its lightweight design and seamless integration with any eyeglass frame make it a discreet and convenient addition to your daily routine.

wireless connectivity

Say goodbye to restrictive cables with Colibri's wireless capabilities, enabling connection to computers, smartphones, or tablets via Bluetooth – all without the hassle of software installations.

long lasting battery life

Stay powered throughout your day with Colibri's rechargeable battery, offering an impressive 30 hours of autonomy on a single charge.

Experience freedom like never before as you navigate your digital world effortlessly, embracing the possibilities that Colibri brings to hands-free accessibility.

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