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Welcome to Key2Enable

where our mission is to eliminate barriers to learning, especially for children with disabilities. 


what we do

We are an assistive ed-tech startup committed to creating a profound social impact while adhering to UNICEF guidelines at every stage of our journey.

We've positively impacted the lives of 30,000 students, both those with disabilities and those without, through cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches.

what we do

how we do it

We offer a holistic solution encompassing

 hardware, software, training, and workshops. 

the focus

Our solution serves students with motor, physical, and intellectual challenges and neurodiversity, while being usable for children without disabilities.

the approach

We champion an engaging, personalized learning
approach that adjusts to each student's unique preferences and requirements.

what sets us apart

All of our technologies seamlessly integrate with each other, addressing 85% of the most prevalent disabilities found  in educational settings.

how we do it

the solutions


Key-X: computer keyboard for individuals with physical, motor, or cognitive challenges


Expressia: online play-based learning platform


Colibri: glasses for accessibility and autonomy for individuals who cannot use their hands
who we are

who we are

our impact

Software users


Online Learning Platform Users

Hardware users


Hardware Users

Professionals empowered


Professionals Empowered

Key2Enable conceptualized in Brazil and born in the USA.


Our headquarters are situated in the UAE, serving as our launch pad for expansion across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and beyond.


We take pride in our global reach, enabling change in every continent.

our impact

want to learn more
about Key2Enable?

We also can't wait to learn more about you. Get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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