What we do?

Imagine your life without being able to express yourself to others. Difficult, isn't it?
Two hundred million people around the world have to face this problem.
This is why Gleison, a fantastic Computer Engineer, born with Cerebral Palsy, came up with an idea, and together we brought it into reality:
A keypad that all People of Determination can use!
It is part of a complete educational platform that, together with colors and symbols combined, delivers to the user the same commands that a regular keyboard does.
With our education platform, we foster education to children with severe autism, Down syndrome, adults with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many others.
Powered with Arabic and English language, we are ready to serve 10 million children and adults in the MENA region.
Key-x is the right tech tool at the right time. As we know that our heroes are unique, our platform will be able to track their development and deliver more precise tasks and activities. Just try to Imagine their results!
We are building the world’s first real-time and on-line database for the development of people of Determination, for their educational and research purposes.

We empower PoD through technology to rebuild their future. We are here to write new chapters in their lives.

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What we do?   What we do?